No matter what we might like to think, we are never really in control of our lives. We are all victims of chance and coincidence. We encounter obstacles on our journey and many difficult circumstances that we have to overcome. There are no simple answers. These situations are unique to each individual and usually unavoidable, but I hope the experience leaves you stronger and more determined.

Having to face an audience and constantly putting on a performance is exhausting. You'll feel fear and anxiety. Palms sweating. Heart racing. You may turn to certain remedies to help you through. If you're lucky, you'll have a long successful run. If not, you'll bear the criticism of a hostile crowd and close on the first night with others waiting in the wings to eagerly take your place. Eventually, you'll face the final curtain and take your last bow, but the show will still go on without you.

A selection of recordings of some of our very early live performances at legendary rock venues around North East England. These include appearances at the 'Fillmore North' concerts organised by promoter Geoff Docherty at Newcastle Mayfair, Sunderland Locarno (Mecca) and Sunderland Top Rank Suite. These events were regular venues for Juice where we shared the bill with many of the great bands of the day, most of whom are now household names.

This Side Of Life is a country rock band formed by four inmates currently serving long sentences in a maximum security prison. They have been given special permission to record their music and distribute it via the internet. Musical Juice is involved in this unique music therapy program to help rehabilitate prisoners who up to now have been segregated from other inmates and kept in continual solitary confinement.

We've picked up lots of stories and anecdotes on our travels and met some amazing people along the way. These experiences have been the inspiration for all the songs we've written. This is a selection of original songs that have a story to tell. We hope you find the stories interesting. If a song touches your heart in any way, then we've achieved what we set out to do and our work has not been in vain.

The Trick of the Light tour was simply the weirdest tour that ever happened. We'd turn up in a city chosen at random, announce a venue and appear that evening. The entourage then moved on and repeated the process a few days later in another city. The organisation and logistics were challenging to say the least. But one thing for sure, it was exciting and a huge amount of fun. When venues couldn't be arranged, we put on free shows in abandoned commercial buildings or on derelict land and parking lots. A couple of times we were actually arrested for trespassing and contravening health and safety regulations. So at times it got a bit scary, but it was fantastic to be part of the experience - reminiscent of the hippie days of the 1960's and a real rock and roll road show.

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